Horses receive quality care including daily turnout, individualized feedings 4x/day (measured by weight for consistency and accuracy) and blankets/turnouts/ boots on/off as necessary. 

To be considered for boarding, please complete and return our Boarding Questionnaire.

Boarding Rates

Boarding "Basics"$550 per month:  Includes  daily 3hr turnout, feedings 4x per day, blankets on/off.   Boarder cleans stall.  Owner/boarder responsible for grooming, health care and exercise.  

"Coop-Care" Discount
Do 3 hrs barn chores per week, take ~$175 off your board.  Additional work may also be possible.  Barn "shifts" at 7:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 7:30pm, 1-2hrs each.

Full Care Add-on   $225 per month Covers stall cleaning 7 days/wk

Complete Care Add-on  $225 per month Covers  averaged costs for dewormings, vaccinations and normal farrier work,  all of which are then arranged by the barn.  Laundry service (stable  blankets, saddle pads, etc)  also included.  Expenses for special  veterinary or farrier requirements are not covered.  Does not cover  additional turnout or exercise.

Misc. Services"Custom" stall cleaning       $30/month
Monthly cost for WRF to clean 1 day/wk.  For example,
if WRF cleans Sat and Sun, 2x$25.00=$50.00 would be added
to the monthly board charge.

Fill-in stall cleaning (per day)        $10.00

Holding horses (for farrier, vet, etc.)    $20.00/hr

Laundry Service              $10.00 per month
For  those not on Complete Care; automatic washing of stable blankets as  needed, plus weekly laundry service for saddle pads, wraps and other  misc. items.

Stable Blanket Wash    $10.00
Turnout Sheet Wash    $20.00
Turnout Sheet clean with Nikwax waterproofing:  $25.00
Facility Amenities include:
Happy horses!
Everyone has a view!
80 x 144 sand/rubber arena
Generous (heated) tack space for each boarder
Grooming stalls
More happy horses!
Wild iris at the farm...